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Art Blocks Houston – Public Art Near Houston’s Rail

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We’re always on the look out for photo opportunities. One of our favorite places to snap photos of our little one is conveniently located in the heart of Downtown. If you’ve been downtown you’ve probably seen Art Blocks.  This fun public art project includes a series of temporary art installations.  Our very favorite photo spot within the art project is called Color Jam Houston.

Color Jam Houston

Color Jam Houston by Artist Jessica Stockholder

Another fun spot to snap photos within the public art project is Main Street Marquee. As of this writing this mural is no longer displayed, but there’s another mural to check out!

Main Street Marquee Houston

Main Street Marquee: Roses and Hearts on the Blue Sky Artist: Nataliya Scheib

And while this spot isn’t temporary, we always stop at Floyd Newsum’s Planter and Stems. For our daughter, it’s just as entertaining as a playground.

Floyd Newsum's Planter and Stems

While you’re in the neighborhood, you should check out Patrick Renner’s Trumpet Flower.  During the day, tables are set up so that people can enjoy lunch under the Trumpet Flower.

Trumpet Flower by Artist Patrick Renner

Trumpet Flower by Artist Patrick Renner

We would love to see your photos too.

Address: Between 900 and 1100 Blocks of Main Street, 77002

Rail Station: Red Line – Main Street Square

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