Things to Do Near the Rail

There’s no lack of things to do near the rail. It’s our mission to explore everything that makes living and visiting near Houston’s rail great. Each week we post about something to do near the rail, whether it’s visiting a library, a park, or a live-music venue. Click on the links to below to read more about our discoveries and experiences.

Hidden Gems Houston is a huge city, and there are lots of hidden gems, even near the rail! Click on this link to explore restaurants, sweet shops, and other places that we think are often overlooked (but definitely worth visiting!) near the rail.

Kid-Friendly This kid-friendly list includes all kinds of places: parks, museums, and some not so typical places, like an observation deck of the tallest building in Houston.

Libraries A pretty self-explanatory list. It’s our mission to explore all that makes living near the rail a viable option.

Live Music/Performances Houston has a thriving arts scene, whether it’s Broadway style musicals or live music.


Parks There are plenty of parks in Houston near the rail, but we’ve found that some parks are more accessible via rail than others.

Professional Sporting Events Read more about experiences visiting professional sporting events with our toddler and taking the rail to get there.

Seasonal/Parades Houston is the 4th largest city, and because of it’s size, there are lots of fun things to do around the holidays, and there are lots of parades!