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My husband and I live in Houston, Texas with our dog and our daughter. While we’re both technically native Houstonians, I feel like there is so much that I’m still learning about the city I call home (and have for most of my life). A few years ago we bought a charming home with lots of potential (read: fixer upper) knowing that in a few short years the MetroRail line would be extended and allow us to walk to the end of our street and hop on the rail…. And avoid traffic, parking, and all the things that make getting around in a big city frustrating!

I was inspired to start blogging after coming across another Houston Mom Blogger, Jill, at Big Kid Small City . When I first became a mom I was intimidated by doing all the fun things I used to do sans kids, because it always seemed so complicated. After seeing Jill and her 4 kids explore all corners of Houston on her blog, getting out with just 1 baby seemed easy.

I love my day job, but in the limited time I have outside of work, it’s important to me that we’re “living life”. In other words, let’s get out and do stuff, even if it’s easier and less complicated to stay home. Leaving the house is always more fun. I’m excited that Houston finally has viable public transportation, so now getting out of the house with my toddler is a little easier. (On the rail I don’t have to worry about getting her in and out of a carseat or entertaining her if we get stuck in traffic). While our public transportation system still isn’t perfect, I’m determined to use it as much as possible and hope that other Houstonians will too.

I am a mom so lots of what we do along the rail involves our daughter (born 2013). When exploring Houston with her, I make note of things that are important for parents; e.g. if a restaurant has a kids menu, changing table, and how accessible it is with our huge stroller!  You’ll find that this blog isn’t just for parents. For the most part, our blogposts are relevant to anyone who wants to explore all that central Houston has to offer. We visit restaurants, parks, sporting events, hidden gems, etc. all along Houston’s rail.

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